Membership in Local 2339 and the IAFF/FPF entitle you to multiple opportunities for education.  This education ranges from fire/ems/hazmat to Labor specific topics like negotiating, representation, benefits and more.  Although many of the opportunities are in person and may require travel, some are online and can be done at your own pace.  If you are interested in any of the education opportunities listed, please reach out to your shift rep or an Executive Board member!

ALTS - "Affiliate Leadership Training Summit"

The Affiliate Leadership Training Summit (& Human Relations Conference) is held every year by the IAFF.  This week-long training opportunity hosts the best presenters from inside and outside of the IAFF on a wide range of labor and human relations related topics.  The conference alternates between east and west coasts and is usually held in Orlando, FL in the January of even years.


Redmond "Fire-Based EMS and Health&Safety Symposium"

This symposium is held annually and is rotated between the east coast (on odd years) and the west coast or Canada.  The Redmond Symposium offers industry specific classes on Health & Safety, training opportunities to strengthen a departments fire-based ems, and a range of Labor related topics in between.


FPF Convention Classes

Each year, Local 2339 sends delegates and alternates to the state convention of the Florida Professional Firefighters.  Those delegates and alternates, along with any guests, are able to take two days of Labor specific training provided by FPF officers, attorneys, Florida affiliate leaders and more.



The IAFF offers multiple training events around the country that are generally aimed at leadership within the Local.  These training topics include Secretary/Treasurer duties, Negotiations, and Affiliate administration.


Local 2339 Trainings

Our Local will put on trainings from time to time for those who would like to get more involved in Local 2339 or to help with specific committees.

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Online IAFF Trainings

On, each member has the opportunity to complete various online trainings.  These classes include topics related to HAZMAT, Health & Safety, Negotiations and more.

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Training Powerpoints

Story Maps

GIS Reports

Engaging Your Members for Life

The Next Generation of Leaders

IAFF Smart

Fiduciary Responsibilities of Leaders

Best Hiring/Promotion Practices

Basics of Parliamentary Law

Lobbying: Making or Breaking Policy

Plan Financially, Think Politically

Pension Analysis

Advanced Parliamentary Procedure

Conducting Union Elections

Activating Your Members

Strategic Planning

Building Local Political Power

Winning on a Shoestring

Planning a Fire OPS 101

Owning the News Cycle

Signs Don't Vote

Targeting Voters

Crying Poverty Over Pension