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14th Annual 
Hook & Ladder 
Fishing Tournament

June 24th 6 AM - 4 PM

Register Now!!

Adults - $45  Kids - $35

Includes T-shirt and Dinner!

Kids Registration ($35)

Adult Registration ($45-$55)

T-Shirt/Dinner Only ($20)


Hook and Ladder Fishing Rules

C-Quarters Marina 501 Saint James Avenue(Highway 98), Carrabelle, FL
Lines in the water at 6:00 a.m.

Participants are expected to follow all applicable laws and rules for safe boating including those regarding USCG equipment requirements.
Participants are expected to follow all applicable laws pertaining to the taking of tournament fish.

Participants are expected to follow standards of sportsmanship and courtesy. Any
participant who exhibits threatening behavior of who otherwise engage in disorderly, or improper conduct of any kind is subject to immediate disqualification from the Tournament by tournament officials.

Willful violations of marine laws or other violations of safe and proper conduct may lead to disqualification.

Entry Fee will be $45.00 per adult angler and $35 per child 12 and under. (make checks payable to: Tallahassee Professional Firefighters Foundation) register online at .

Weigh-ins will be at: C-Quarters Marina at 4:00 P.M. sharp! Any entry after that time will be disqualified.

Awards- Anglers can weigh 1 fish in each category

Adult Division- Prizes will be given for the heaviest* fish (*Most spots for redfish) in the following categories: In the case of a tie (identical weight), the first angler weighed in will be determined the winner.
● Flounder

● Spanish
● Trout
● Redfish* (most spots, then weight if tie exists)
● Cobia

● Grouper​​

● King

& Red Snapper

Kids Division (12 and under)- Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the heaviest fish in the
following categories:
● Flounder
● Rock Bass
● Trout
● Spanish Mackerel
● Redfish (most spots)

This is a "AT YOUR OWN RISK" tournament. Tallahassee Professional Firefighters Foundation will not be held liable for anything that happens to you, or any of your equipment. Your entry into this tournament is a binding agreement to the above

Angling Methods:
All fish must be caught on rod and reel. No line (mono or braid) restrictions. Live, dead and artificial baits are permitted. All fish must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner. Anglers can fish from their boat or wade fish. No fishing of pre-baited holes or holding of holes at anytime. No outside assistance whatsoever during tournament hours. Tournament officials may come aboard your vessel and inspect at any time.

Fishing Conditions:
No angler may manipulate the weight or length of any fish with the intent of gaining an advantage over other tournament competitors. All fish must be weighed in on the day caught. All fish entered must be in acceptable condition. The Weigh Master will reserve the right to disqualify any fish entry because of poor fish condition, mutilation, or being tampered with in any way. All fish weighed by the tournament may be subject to a gut check after weighing at the discretion of the Weigh Master. Any fish found to be in violation of this rule
will be disqualified. The decision of the Weigh Master shall be final and non-negotiable. Each participant is allowed to weigh one fish in each category. Fish will be donated to the event fish fry being held after the tournament.

The decision to fish is solely the captain’s choice. All anglers fish at their own discretion and risk. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, the Tournament committee shall have the sole discretion to cancel the Tournament for (hurricanes, tropical storms, small craft advisories, etc.) In the event a small craft advisory is in effect during tournament fishing hours, the tournament will be canceled with no refund.

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